Father cooked daughter in bathtub

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A 10-year-old disabled child who suffered burns in a bathtub from hot water died a week later due to a lack of medical care. This was announced on Tuesday by law enforcement agencies in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

10-year-old Kwenis Lockett was blind and suffering from cerebral palsy. Police Chief Charles Kellar suffered multiple burns on April 21 when her father, 32-year-old Sean Lockett, and aunt Lachon Brown, 27, bathed her in hot water.

Despite the fact that the child needed urgent medical attention, her relatives did not pay any attention to her until a few days later she died. An autopsy revealed that Kvinis died of complications that followed the burns.

Lockett and Brown were charged with several counts, including murder. Both are being held at the Dauphin County Jail.

The police chief called the murder the most heinous he had ever faced.

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