The corpse of a child. Damage caused by dog bites

The corpse of a child with characteristic damage caused by dog bites.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. 之后这条狗被中国男人活活烹煮了?

    1. hahaha, maybe ? have you ever tried dog meat? i would only try a well cooked pit bull fillet if anything not interested in eating fluffy or cute breed. same with humans only certain body parts and gender seem appetizing like the thigh and breast maybe fingers of a spoiled girl . i would never eat a cat. their small and dont see them to look or feel appetizing . :) crazy i would never ever leave my child alone near dogs.. how come some dogs are vicious and others are not.. is that like art of nature?>.<

  2. you need to be turned into authorities, seems u will likely be the next mass shooter if u are here in the US, so I HOPE THIS WEBSITE IS

      1. Ele realmente é maduro se ele tem 12 anos mas parece q vc ñ kkk

    1. It would be foolish to restrict users from what they say on a site that shows uncensored photos and videos.

  3. Terrible. I love most animals, but this is just terrible.

  4. Dogs of peace he just wanted to play

  5. I once caught a pit bull attacking my elderly Rottweiler. After kicking it in the head as hard as I could, I shot it once in the back of the head with a 9mm hollow point round. My neighbors called the police on ME, but apparently the dog had priors from attacking their former neighbors so we were actually able to sue them for my dogs’ vet bills. I fucking hate pit bulls and I will kill one every time one steps on my property, whether they’re kind dogs or not. Fuck ‘em.

    1. Cala boca seu pedaço de merda, eu vou te encontrar e vou fuder com tua cara,tu matou um cachorro? Era só um chute pra afastar,para de justificar tuas merdas seu filho da puta,seu resto de incesto do caralho, fimose virgem,tu é um nada seu fodidinho,sua putinha do caralho quer pagar de bandido? Se tu se é contra comigo tu chora seu merda,eu vou te amarrar e deixar meu cachorro te castrar,tu é o puro chorume da humanidade, suicídio seria um bom motivo pra vc ,SEU MERDA

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