Morgue. Donetsk. Ukraine


A short tour of the morgue. Donetsk. Ukraine

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. If this is still happening in 2020, then Putin is probably well justified invading in 2022.

      1. Donetsk is the separitist city. They’ve been out of government control since 2014. Ukrainian government continuously bombed the city. This is probably a result of it.

        1. It’s a lie. Ukraine has not bombed Donetsk since 2014. Yes, there were certainly incidents with the death of civilians, but they have not been confirmed.
          When I asked the Ukrainians: “Why don’t you take Donetsk by storm, they answered that they do not want to bomb their citizens.”
          I asked this because Russia would have done just that – razed the rebellious city to the ground. Since Russia acted with Grozny during the Chechen war.

          1. This is a video of unnatural amount of dead bodies piled in morgue, you expect them to be dead from car accidents or something?

      2. No, I’m not a Russophile, I do not support Putin. But please remember there won’t be a war without a legit reason.

        1. Found the Russophile.
          Yes, there is a legit reason alright for the war alright. And it’s not a justfiable one. Now fuck off back to TikTok, teenager.

          1. “Sonderführer” and “Operation Barbarossa”, very credible users, can’t possibly come from someone with any fringe political views.

            The war happened half a planet away from my country, I’m not taking a side saying which one is “more right” than the other. Russia being a military dictatorship backed by billionare oligarchs does not negate Ukraine oppressing dissidents and giving refuge to nazis.

            Is there a lot of Russia sympathizers in your teenage population?

          2. And you are certain that Russia is waging war solely to “denazify” Ukraine? That is their primary interest? And by Russia, I mean the people in charge who give the orders in Russia.

        2. Russia is not denazifying anything, they are the biggest fascist military adventurers in the contemporary world. Their primary goal is land expansion and Ukrainian dissidents are being used by them. This, however, does not mean Ukraine is some kind of heroic freedom fighting saint that everybody love to praise.

          Would you still support what Ukraine has done, if Russia didn’t invade? Maybe now sounds like a ridiculous question, but as someone who has been following the situation since 2014 I can’t bring myself to simply say “Ukraine good and Russia bad”.

          1. For the record, state what Ukraine has done that is so bad please, so that we can debate those specific issues. Other than the “Nazism”, which itself isn’t the pinnacle of evil. How someone governs their country is their own business. It’s only an international issue when you start sticking your nose up someone’s ass, such as invading your neighbor.
            You can’t say “Ukraine good Russia bad”, but can you bring yourself to say “Russia bad, Ukraine not as bad” however? Because that’s what we usually ge. There’s rarely any good,, only bad and less bad. Look at US presidential elections for instance.

          2. The standard of living in Ukraine, which has always lived poorer than Russia, caught up with Russia by the beginning of 2021. We even laughed at the fact that Ukraine’s minimum wage exceeded Russia’s.
            Putin could not afford to live better in a neighboring country than in his own. This is a direct threat to his power. Adding to this Putin’s personal ambitions, we get the cause of the war.

  2. No bullet or blast rounds no bruising
    More bs

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