1 man, 1 jar


On the video ‘1 man, 1 jar’ Alexey Tatarov, 03/13/1969, Ukraine. More precisely, in the video 1 man 1 can only the lower part of Alexei Tatarov, into which he shoves a glass jar that has successfully burst in Alexei’s anus.

In several interviews, Alexey said that his hobby is to thrust various objects into the anus and urethra.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Bahahahahaha ahahahhaha oh my! Wow you could hear the glass crunching.
    Great job!
    ??? The best part was when he stood up with glass in his ass.

  2. A sight to see, not a good one. But one.

  3. His asshole can’t be used anymore

  4. i’d rather call it “Ass vs Glass”

  5. 他应该在拉屎之前干这个,那样会更具有冲击性

  6. Irgendwann stirbt der mal an so was. Oder an den Spätfolgen oder was. Der hat doch echt einen Knall und sollte von einem Psychiater oder Psychologen behandelt werden. Es gibt doch nun wahrlich geeignetere Dinge, die man sich reinschieben kann, wenn man geil ist. Aber der sucht vielleicht das Gefährliche. :-O

  7. FunFact: After his recovery, he made the same stunt again. This time successfully :-D There was a webpage named Glassass.com with both videos and the full story of the incident and the recovery process + an amazing Onlineshop with caps, T-shirts, and mugs xD

  8. Qué tanta necesidad hay de romperse el culo? XD

  9. Y’know compared to what ive seen on this site, this seems like the most normal video ever

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