Cheek and tongue piercing


In Asia, there are quite strange rituals often associated with self-mutilation. To show their asceticism and cleanse karma, believers pierce their cheeks and tongue, and then arrange a festive procession.

This type of self-torture occurs on the holidays of Dussehra, Thaipusam and Shiva Gajan.

Probably India.

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  1. WTF did i just watched!!?? I don’t think it’s india, cuz indian people aren’t Chinese looking mutts. This must be Vietnam

    1. lol hell no im Vietnamese here,this could be malaysia myanmar or indo

    2. Yeah I’m from india and i can confirm those weren’t indians or those idols doesn’t belong to indian gods either.

  2. its from brunei. the ritual is called bolkiassalam or literally meaning “kiss bolkiah’s ass”

  3. I wouldn’t let myself be peer pressured into this superstitious bullshit even if they stoned me to death

    1. chill nobody will stoned or lynch you to death in white country , it would be either afreake or some shithole 3rd world country where its in their norms.

      1. Thank fuck, eh?
        I answered your question on another page by the way. You gotta have a mental note in your head where you start conversations so you can recheck for replies later, courtesy of the current web design

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