A glass of milk killing

 A glass of milk killing

A 13-year-old girl appeared accused of cruel and deliberate reprisals against her adoptive grandfather. A seventh grader killed a 48-year-old man for spilling her milk in the washbasin.

After the cold-blooded murder of Robert Moon on August 8, the girl was arrested and detained with bail in the amount of 150 thousand dollars. Three days later, she appeared at a preliminary hearing before the Milwaukee County Children’s Court.

Given the age of the defendant, at the preliminary hearing it will be decided whether the case of 13-year-old Labrina Brown will fall into the category of adult crimes or not. If they decide to transfer her to an adult court, then the girl faces up to 60 years in prison

According to the investigation, Brown did not get along with his adoptive grandfather Robert Moon, with whom she lived under the same roof. The police became aware that before this terrible murder, the girl had repeatedly threatened to stab him with a knife.
А субботним днем 8 августа эта враждебность привела к убийству.

Before that, Brown cooked herself oatmeal and was about to flavor it with milk. However, to his misfortune, Moon decided to take this opportunity: he defiantly poured the last gallon of milk into the kitchen sink, and the remaining glass of milk was carried to the child in the house.

Cursing foully at the hated relative, the girl followed him out of the kitchen. Grabbing a glass of milk from his hands, she immediately broke it on the floor, and when Moon turned to face her, she cut his throat with a chopping kitchen knife.

Robert Moon died of a wound on the spot – Brown cut his carotid artery.

When the police soon arrived at the house, she stood outside and was all covered in blood. The seventh grader shot out in the face to the officer who approached her: “I am Labrina Brown and I killed him!”

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