The investigation into the case of brain-eaters – sadists has ended

In the spring of last year, at one of the dumps in the city. The bodies of homeless women, a 39-year-old woman and her 13-year-old son, were found in the shed.

Detectives were horrified by the led- up. The woman and the child were put on a stake alive, then when their heads began to be in agony with a metal bar.

Further examination found the presence of aluminium particles inside the cranial boxes of corpses.

Unknown killers ate the brains of their dying victims.

A few days later, another body was found with exactly the same injuries. The man was first put on a stake, then, breaking his head with a metal bar ate the brain. Several bottles of vodka were found near the corpse.

Three people were arrested in hot pursuit. Among them are one deserter from the military unit and one woman.


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