Two Tanzanians skinned a child skinned

The skin of the child was required by the local sorcerer

Tanzanian police arrested criminals who skinned a 9-year-old boy in order to sell it profitably for $ 18. The murder was due to the fact that one local sorcerer needed to make a miraculous potion.

During interrogation, the criminals admitted that they killed a boy in one of the surrounding villages. They allegedly threw his body into the Djanga River.

In order to bring specific charges too criminals, it remains only to find the corpse of a teenager. There is, however, another problem, which is that accomplices flatly refuse to give the name of the buyer of the skin – apparently, they are afraid of his revenge.

The country’s authorities are conducting a desperate struggle with sorcerers using “human material”. But even the fact that Benson and Kalungu, who are in the police dungeon, are afraid to quarrel with the shaman, proves the full force of traditional ideas about the power of magic.

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  1. 如果这是真的,那他们一定需要世界警察

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