Vietnamese slept with his wife’s corpse for five years

An unhappy 55-year-old widower named Lee Wang told a website page that when his wife died in 2003, he slept on her grave for almost 20 months. However, after this time, rain, cold and wind began to bother him, and so he decided to dig a tunnel to the grave in order to “sleep next to her”.

When his children learned about his father’s desire, he was forbidden to go to the cemetery.
But one night, in November 2004, Li Wang opened a crypt, molded a clay mold around his wife’s remains, dressed the resulting female figure in clothes and carried it home.

According to him, the neighbors have not come to him for several years.
“I am a person who does everything in his own way. I don’t look like a normal person, ” – said the Vietnamese.

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