Torture of prisoners in prison


Prisoners are beaten on the heels with sticks. Don’t go to jail in Vietnam, it’s dangerous for your health.

In the comments to this video, users say that this is not Vietnamese speech. You shouldn’t go to jail anyway.

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  1. I’m Vietnamese, the language in the video is not ours, why are you attacking Vietnam?

    1. They gotta think of an unsophisticated countries all the time to promote their videos, this time it was vietnam’s turn my guy

  2. دا افعانستان دی یا که پاکستان دی ؟؟؟

  3. The language is not Vietnamese and the ppl in the video have nopthing like Vietnamese “FAKE”

    1. The source of this video spoke about the Vietnamese prison. Maybe it’s not Vietnam. We don’t speak Vietnamese well -)

      1. Fair enough, but why don’t you correct the description then and leave the false info there?

        1. Corrected. The update will take effect after a while.

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  5. Everything present in this video has nothing to do with Vietnam, please correct the content of the article.

    1. I don’t even know what to say about this. Despite the fact that in the additional annotation to the video it is written that this is not Vietnam, you still demand something that is not feasible.
      Maybe white text on a red background is hard to read for you?
      And what description for this video will suit you? “Is this the fucking punishment of the fucking prisoners in the fucking prison?”

  6. Who cares what country this is? This shit is hilarious

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