Dismembered corpse found in St. Petersburg again


A worker who was repairing the embankment of the Smolenka River discovered a large bag in which there was a dismembered corpse of a man.

Dismembered woman in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg confidently ranks first among Russian cities in terms of the number of dismembered corpses found.

The story of the dismembered woman in St. Petersburg began in 2019 when a 63-year-old professor at St. Petersburg State University, Oleg Sokolov, killed and dismembered a 24-year-old graduate student Anastasia Yeshchenko with whom the professors had a romantic relationship.

Soon after this, dismembered corpses of people began to be found in multitudes in St. Petersburg.

This caused the appearance of numerous memes on the network, and St. Petersburg began to be called “Dismembered city”

In 2020, history professor Oleg Sokolov, who initiated the mass dismemberment in St. Petersburg, was sentenced to 12.5 years in prison, but he seems to have numerous successors.

The dismembered corpse found has been identified. It belonged to 66-year-old Alexander Generalov who came to visit his 35-year-old son.

Dismembered corpse. St. Petersburg

The father did not like that his son did not work anywhere, and during the ensuing conflict, the son shot at his father from the sawn-off shotgun of a hunting rifle. Then he dismembered the corpse, put it in a bag and threw it into the Smolenka River.

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