Prisoners tortured and raped with a mop


The edition has published the first video from a 40 GB archive of torture of prisoners in Russian prisons.

There is a real torture conveyor in the penal system. Prisoners on formal occasions are transferred to prison hospitals where Sonderkommando from prisoners carry out executions.

I demand from the victims to testify against politicians and businessmen, to recruit informers and to extort money.

In this video, a prisoner is raped with a mop and forced to remember some details. He screams terribly. They say to him: “You will be here for three days with a mop in your ass.”

At the end, the prisoner says that he remembered the details.

This archive fell into the hands of the project thanks to one of the prisoners who was able to copy the archive of videos.

Currently, this person has left Russia and will seek political asylum.

The site of the project is under a DDOS attack organized by the Russian special services.


UPD: Additional video

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  1. Jokes on them, now their mop will smell like poop and have yellow assjuice on it

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