Skopinsky maniac Mokhov gives an interview and is going to marry

As it turned out, the Skopinsky maniac Viktor Mokhov, after being released from prison, did not go home, but got on a plane and flew to Moscow, where he gave an exclusive interview.

Viktor Mokhov in 2000 kidnapped 2 girls 14 and 17 years old, whom he kept in an underground prison. The girls were in sexual slavery for 3.5 years.

Skopinsky maniac gives interviews. Part 1

In this interview, Mokhov reveals the details of the kidnapping of girls in 2000.

Skopinsky maniac gives interviews. Part 2

He says that he did not use any sleeping pills, and the girls themselves got into his car, where he treated them to wine.

After that, the girls decided to continue the holiday and went to Mokhov in Skopin, where he had a sexual relationship with one of the girls.

In the morning, according to Mokhov, the girls began to blackmail Mokhov by submitting a rape complaint.

Then Mokhov locked them in the basement under the garage.

Mokhov admits his guilt and repents of his deed. He also wants to meet with his victims to ask for their forgiveness.

Mokhov shared his plans: he is going to get married and go on vacation. Now Mokhov is 71 years old.

-Victor, where are you going?
-I’m going to get married
-Marry? On whom?
-I found myself a young grandmother
-Where did you find her?
-There, I met (inaudible)
-Will you be looking for your children?
-Of course!
-Do you want to meet the girls who were kept in the bunker?
-Of course!
-What do you tell them?
-I will ask them for forgiveness
-Viktor Alekseevich, you said that you have dirt on these girls
-There is no compromising evidence. I treat the girls with respect, I will ask them for forgiveness
-How did you get here? Tell us about your itinerary?
-I was on a plane
-Where did you fly from?
-From Moscow
-Is it true, did you take part in the TV show?
-How much did you get paid? About $ 40,000?
-I brought a bag of money
-How are you going to spend it?
-I’m going to rest south

According to rumors, Mokhov received 1,000,000 rubles ($ 13,450) from journalists for an exclusive interview.


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