Sexual maniac Sergei Mokhov was released after 17 years in prison

Sexual maniac Sergei Mokhov, who was called “Skopinsky maniac” was released after 17 years in prison.
Sergei Mokhov kidnapped 2 girls 14 and 17 years old, periodically raped them in an underground prison, which he built under a garage in a summer cottage.

Journalists tried to interview Mokhov, where he explained that he was happy to be released and was going home:

-Convicted by the Skopin City Court of the Ryazan Region under Art. 126 part 2, article 132 part 2 for 16 years 10 months.

-Why are your hands shaking?
– ’m worried about being released [from prison]
-You barely hide your emotions, do you have a reason for joy?
-Of course. I go free.
-Do you understand that you ruined the girls’ lives?
-Yes. I realized my guilt and sincerely repented.
-Why did you write [a letter] from prison to one of the girls?
-I did not write
-A letter came from you. Why did you write?
-To not be scolded too much.
-Are you ashamed?
-Yes, it’s a shame.
-How did it occur to you to dig a hole and put innocent girls there?
-Everything, no comment.
-Why did you write the letter?
-No comment.
-Do you understand that the girls are still scared?
-Why are you walking so slowly? Do you have foot problems?
-Where am I in a hurry? People are walking ahead.
-Where are you going? Home?
-Yes, home.
-Is someone waiting for you?
-A house awaits me.
-Who is waiting for you at home? The neighbors are not expecting you. Girls [victims of violence] too.
-No one.

However, Mokhov did not go home to Skopin. Nobody knows where he is yet. Journalists are on duty near his house, but at Skopin, st. October he did not appear.

According to rumors, Mokhov went to Moscow, where he was invited to shoot a talk show.


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