Father threw 3-year-old son out of the window


In Moscow, a man threw a 3-year-old child out of the window of the 5th floor of an apartment building and then fled into the street in his underpants. The police are looking for him. The incident took place on Shumilov Street.

It is reported that the child survived and was conscious before the arrival of the ambulance. He said he was in great pain. The doctors said that the boy would recover. He suffered from numerous fractures and a closed head injury.

The child lived with his grandmother, because his father, 24-year-old Leonid Kudryavtsev, abused drugs.
On August 4, Kudryavtsev came to the house of his son’s grandmother, after which a scandal began in the apartment, in the finale of which Kudryavtsev threw his own son out of the window.
The police are looking for the offender, a criminal case has been initiated under the article “attempted murder”.

UPD: Leonid Kudryavtsev has been found and is giving evidence to the police.

Leonid Kudryavtsev
Leonid Kudryavtsev gives evidence to the police
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