The corpses of Ukrainian soldiers in position


A Russian soldier demonstrates the corpses of Ukrainian soldiers and comments obscenely on what he saw.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



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  2. Damn, there’s really a big misunderstand about who the Jew is. Putin steals from own people for like 25 Years and the entire war against Ukrainians is made under the Soviet Commie Flag, while Ukrainians live traditional lives, have no LGBT and are one simply based nation.

    Once Ukraine has won, I’m sure they will not decommunize Russia, they won’t rape Russian woman and children, they wont torture prisoners and bomb civil objects. Because thats not what honorable people do, even though it’d be right after all. Hugs and kisses to Azov Battalion

  3. You fought well, Ukrainian brothers and sisters. I hope you find peace, after dying for your country’s safety. Until Valhalla.

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    2. To everyone who sees this comment this isn’t your classic warfare it’s a fuckin proxy war. Using economic sanctions on Russia to crash it’s economy while embezzling money from every nation possible and Fun Fact: $1.7 Bil USD is 44.6 Bil in Ukrainian Currency so thank old sleepy Joe and cock sucking Kamala.

  4. The boots them says I wearing looks like Russian armed forces lol now I wonder if Wagner is killing Russians again

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