Ukrainian military finish off Russian wounded


Ukrainian soldiers finish off Russian fighters. It can be seen how a man in a camouflage uniform with red armbands is still moving, but a control shot to the head stops his vital functions.


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  1. Wonder how the Russians feel watching this. Your people getting their heads blown off after battles, routine clean up.

    1. Author

      And how would you feel, looking at how your compatriot puts his dick in a 220V outlet? Here I, as a Russian, feel about the same towards these guys.
      These guys came to kill Ukrainians, but they failed.
      No, I know for sure that many Russians hate Ukrainians for this. Some are sorry, but most don’t care.

      1. Right. Well, how do you think people whose family members are currently fighting feel about it, even if their family member isn’t explicitly on the video? They probably don’t feel too good, perhaps anxious or distressed. That’s more what I tried to insinuate, should have clarified more, sorry.

        You compare the fighting in Ukraine to pulling some Darwin stunt. Are you saying they are foolish for having enlisted in the army in the first place or are you simply saying who gives a fuck if your countryman gets killed doing whatever shit he chooses to do because it’s his choice?
        Also, if they’re already enlisted before the war took off, are they able to refuse fighting?

        1. Author

          Last fall, I saved my loved ones from mobilization. This is probably the answer to your first and last question.
          I didn’t do any special surveys among my friends, but I see that most of them just don’t care. Their families are a higher priority than the fate of some Russian mercenaries.
          That part of my fellow citizens who have decided to go and fight is subject to propaganda. They believe that by fighting in a foreign land they are defending their homeland.
          I read the memoirs of soldiers and officers of the Wehrmacht. When they went to fight, they reasoned in exactly the same way – we are defending our Motherland. Even the narratives were the same – “If we hadn’t attacked the Soviets, the Soviets would have attacked us.”
          But no one attacked my homeland now, it was my country that attacked a neighboring country.
          Now our guys are dying because of someone’s political ambitions.
          Nobody bothered them not to stick a dick into a 220V outlet.
          Nobody prevented them from going to war in Ukraine. They could have left, they could have refused, but they didn’t.

          1. What about the current ones in Ukraine, can they refuse? I’ve heard about anti-retreat squads and shit like that, guys maiming themselves to avoid fighting. Seems very strict. It’s an interesting topic the psychology of why people go to war somewhere. The reasons better be good because, high chances are you’ll get killed or end up losing a limb, or end up in a wheelchair. One would think people would consider this decision carefully. If they really thought Ukraine would ever be a threat to them then they’re just dumb / uneducated / brainwashed. If they know that’s not true but still went, then they’re just pieces of shit. But fuck em, the world has lost sympathy for Russia, now even the non-guilty will get discriminated against everywhere because they’re Russian.

          2. Author

            Theoretically, they can refuse to obey the order. These guys are called “500s”.
            They are trying to convince them, but more often they are simply put “in the basement”. They are subject to criminal prosecution.
            Quite a lot of cases of extrajudicial reprisals and even murders of servicemen.
            Sometimes, as a punishment for such people, they are sent to assault in the forefront.
            Wagner stands apart. There, for refusing to comply with an order, they are shot on the spot.

            Yes, this is sometimes used. More often, battalions from Chechnya are used for this.

            At the beginning of the war, the Chechens said directly – our task is to drive the Russian soldiers forward.

            Since 2013, propaganda has been saying that Ukraine is our enemy, their president is a puppet of the United States, they are Nazis and other nonsense. It worked.

            I think that you are right. Russians are waiting for segregation.

        2. The Chechens’ task is to be a good little bitch and obey every order. Still don’t understand why they are fighting for Russia looking at their history. Stockholm syndrome perhaps.
          Also, what kind of man kills his own brother in arms?
          Truly an orc army.

          1. Author

            Putin first destroyed Chechnya, and then bought the Kadyrov clan.
            A lot of money is being invested in Chechnya. But as soon as this does not happen, the Kadyrov clan will most likely fall and everything will start all over again.
            At the same time, Chechnya is a fairly peaceful region, despite the militancy of the Chechens.
            If you do not violate their laws and customs, you can deal with them.
            But I wouldn’t recommend it.
            They believe that all Russians owe them.

          2. Right, but what’s keeping it from it falling apart even now? Why don’t the Chechens go: “Kadyrov, you piece of shit, you sold us out, now we have to lick the boots of our killers.”.
            How is that little cowardly twerp holding anything together? Through fear and terror?

            Btw, I am trying to post a comment in the other conversation we are having about the wages of soldiers, and it’s not being sent. I think perhaps it might be the multiple ‘$’ characters, might be detecting it as possible Special Element Injection or some shit.

          3. Author

            Kadyrov will not bite the hand that feeds him. He is absolutely devoted to Putin and has emphasized this many times.
            In Chechnya, there are those who are dissatisfied with Kadyrov, but they are suppressed, like all opposition to Russia. In Chechnya, there are still clans – teips. In fact, they are tribes. Some teips have been at enmity with each other for centuries. Everything is too complicated there, but as soon as Russia stops paying tribute to Chechnya, Kadyrov’s power will come to an end.

        3. Ok, so through fear and terror as I said. His lackies don’t give a shit because they’re all living nicely from what I’ve seen. The guards, his militants, his family, his supporters probably get paid every now and then. Never mind that his boss Putin is responsible for the bombing and raping of their people. What a load of faggots the lot of them

  2. I am not Russian but I hope that Russians delete these mother fuckers Ukrainians from the earth and make another burning oven like Adolf Hitler for these mother fucker puppets for the USA and nato fuck you Ukrainians whores bitches faggots its a war crime you sons of fagots

    1. Let me ask you something. Is your English so poor that you just throw out cuss words at random and see what sticks?

      If that is the case, at the very least you are trying to sound cool, but all you are doing is eroding whatever repore you are trying to convey.

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