The result of the explosions in the prison of Donetsk


Russian media said(rus) that AFU fired at the pre-trial detention center in the village of Yelenovka with HIMARS missiles. According to the Russian side, 53 prisoners were killed and more than 100 wounded.

At the same time, the Ukrainian side blamed Russia for the shelling and death of prisoners.

Ukrainian prisoners of war were kept in the pre-trial detention center, including fighters of the ‘Azov’ regiment.

What really happened and who killed the prisoners, we will probably find out only after the war.

Yelenovka, Donetsk region (controlled territory of the DPR), Ukraine.


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  1. Noice… dead Nazis…

    1. Author

      This is a myth of Russian propaganda. Yes, it is true that the basis of the Azov regiment in 2014 was nationalists. But after the Azov regiment from the Ministry of Internal Affairs came under the control of the National Guard of Ukraine, there was a big purge.
      Of course, there are people in Azov who hold nationalist views, but their number is negligible.
      Even judging by the materials of Russian propaganda from the entire regiment, about 40 people showed Nazi tattoos or otherwise showed adherence to the ideas of Nazism.
      The basis of the Azov Regiment are the patriots of Ukraine.

      1. You’re trying to reason with some hormonally disturbed manchild who watches superhero movies.
        Let me remind you, in the West, the biggest sin of all is Nazism. Everything else pales in comparision. Even pedophiles get better treatment. They’re working towards destigmatizing pedophilia, coining new phrases such as “Minor Attracted Person”. Need I say more?

        The Russia Ukraine war is one best understood by Russians and Ukrainians, and the Eastern Europeans (Slavs) potentially. Everyone else’s bullshit biased opinion should be discarded as such, and ignored

        1. Author

          All right. I want to add that if someone does not believe the Russians or Ukrainians, let them follow what they say in the countries with Russia – the Baltics, Georgia and Kazakhstan.
          Former Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev spoke quite unambiguously about Georgia and Kazakhstan.
          There is no doubt that if Russia is not stopped now, then Georgia and Kazakhstan will become victims of aggression.

      2. Imagine if a white supremacist group founded 8 years ago in your country one day claimed to no longer be Nazi and that it had purged members with a racialist perspective. Also, now imagine that the security forces of your country threw out non-white people attempting to escape an area that had recently turned into a warzone.

        I’m sorry, I’m just not buying it. No serious person would. Literally even the western media were calling them Nazis back in 2019. I can understand your dissatisfaction with the state of your country, but you honestly seem enthusiastically to lap up western propaganda.

        1. Author

          You pleased, and so it was with the neo-Nazis in Russia.
          In 2014, part of the Russian neo-Nazis supported the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the creation of the pseudo-republics of the DNR and LNR.
          Another part of the Russian neo-Nazis, such as Sergey Korotkikh “Boatswain” entered Azov and successfully fights against the Russians.
          Russian neo-Nazis, homeless people and outcasts gathered in Donbass to arrange a “Russian world” there.
          Then neo-Nazis were persecuted in Russia. A striking example is Maxim Martsinkevich (Tesak), who died in prison.
          So that very “cleansing from neo-Nazis” happened right before my eyes.

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