Creation of the DEADHOUSE project

Death and horror

Somewhere at the turn of 2002-2003, I hung out on all sorts of hacker forums, Bugrak, Mazafaka, Antichat and the like.
Once someone on such a forum posted a link to the site After looking at the site, I thought: “Why is there shock content in the English-language segment of the network, but not in the Russian-language segment?” After that I decided to create a DEADHOUSE.RU website.

At the time was running on some leaky CMS like PHP-Nuke or something, so some of the initial content is from there.

I even talked to Dan once, the creator of, but that was much later. In any case, is our ideological inspirer.

DEADHOUSE.RU quickly gained popularity as it was the only site with shock content in Russia. DEADHOUSE.RU has its own fans, as well as enemies. There were problems that were successfully resolved. There were many interesting events, hacking attempts, hacker attacks and even legal proceedings.

There were ups and downs, I had to freeze this project for several years.

Many users have kindly provided materials for the site and for this they are very grateful.

Once, when censorship in Russia was not yet so fierce, I was invited to TV to shoot a program about all kinds of horrors on the Internet, but I refused. I didn’t want to shine my face on the whole country.

I am not hiding, but I do not advertise my person either. For any questions you can contact me from the Contacts page or Telegram, I will answer your questions.

Best wishes Sonderfuhrer.

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Right, I don’t know where to post this because I see no “report bug” button anywhere. I told you about the typos in the navigational tab on some page but I forgot which one it was.

    So, the comments on the right side of the page;
    1) If you are on one page of the website, you see one set of comments. But if you go to another page, you see more recent comments. Depending on the page, you can see old comments posted days ago.
    To test this for yourself: Go to the starting page, then click on a page under “Brutal news” for example. Then look at the “Recent comments”. Now go back, click on another page, then look. It’s an issue of time-sync or updating.

    2) It says “Comment moderation is enabled”. But the last week or so, comments were appearing instantly, indicating disabled moderation. Even though it still said that it’s enabled.

    3) Even when moderation is clearly enabled & comments don’t appear instantly in the comment sections, I can see the initial 120~ characters of the respective comments under the “Recent comments” tab on the right.
    4) All of the above 3 together; you don’t know who posted what, whether it’s approved yet, etc. It’s just a confusing mess.

    I hope everything is clear here.
    Also, I suggest making the “Recent comments” clickable, leading to a page that lists the a bigger amount, maybe even in pages of 25-50. Or something similar.

    Just thought I’d share some feedback.

    1. This URL does not exist. But we understood the problem. You entered the wrong address
      Correct site URL https:/

      1. HTTPS was the issue? This link worked before, if I remember correctly. I just start typing “de” in the URL bar and it auto suggests the previously common visited links.

        Now clicking on the http one that I posted, it leads to , which is all in Russian, and has a mainly Russian userbase / comment section. It’s like the Eng and Rus versions are seperated from eachother.

        Anyway, thank you

        1. We had to change the Russian domain and probably there were problems of this kind.

  2. It’s time to make a bugfix page. Indeed, comment announcements have a different set on different pages.
    It has to do with caching. The announcement of the comment appears immediately, and the comment itself after 20-30 minutes.
    But we will try to fix it.
    Our interface “forgets” to write that comments are automatically moderated. Unverified comments are sent for manual moderation, which takes place after some time.
    If you wrote a comment that looks like spam, this comment will not be displayed.

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