Constriction ring syndrome

Constriction ring syndrome (CRS) is a fetal malformation.

Until about 12 weeks of pregnancy, due to various reasons, constrictions develop in the  amniotic sac, which can lead to congenital malformations, miscarriages or death of the fetus.

In cases where the amniotic constriction does not affect the umbilical cord and vital organs of the fetus, childbirth can be successful.

In this case, numerous congenital disorders are observed. A baby may be born without fingers or limbs.

In the photographs, the boy Denis suffers from amniotic constriction ring syndrome (CRS).

Judging by the photo, Denis underwent several operations and was able to return to a more or less normal life.

This series of photographs from 2013-2014. I wonder what happened to Denis?

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  1. 希望他能适应这个身体

    1. 幸運を祈ります、あなたの魂は大丈夫です


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