Good, damn!


Has the idea that someone is fucking these girls ever occurred to you?

109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. Ita called Hoeflation, now these bitches think they are hot

    1. This. They also think they are deserving of a handsome man when they actually don’t. Bitches need to settle down with their looksmaxx, not the top 0.0001% of men. This is why I hate women, women are only useful for causal sex but for marriage? No because all of them are ran through and even had a nigger stick its dick inside her . I have seen Thai ladyboys look far more attractive than these chicks and I’m not even a faggot myself but I rather die alone or die from AIDs than fuck any ran through whore
      >Die an incel then
      I don’t care, hoeflation is a thing and these women would rather have sex with a horse, nigger, or TV remote than give the average man the time of day.

      1. puricio odeio homens,depois da guerra perdem as braços e o cerebo junto,aliás,você já pi construí uma casa?..,homens só prestam pra ser duas coisas.
        Uma;construi casa,
        Dois;ser otário.

  2. An event definitely organised by the jewish financiers…….politically correct !!

    Next event would be african-american men and jewish men (aka: holocaust survivors) holding hands and kissing on stage…… politically super correct !!

    The party just began.

  3. To me, no but there’s going to be a desperate man out there who would definitely fuck them if it had boobs and a vagina or even looks like a girl. He would even go to great lengths to fuck a horse or black widow because it’s female.

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