Two men were beheaded


The executioners brutally cut off the heads of two men who scream terribly. Blood can be seen gushing from a severed artery from a decapitated body. Executions of drug cartels.


109992, Kitajgorodskij pr., d.7, str.2, Moscow, Russia +74959833393



  1. We need to NUKE these dumbass CARTEL PUSSY, i will kill their family

    1. I agree, they are just wannable ISIS losers who just copiers their beheaded. FUCK THEM CARTEL.

      ISIS vs Cartel is what i like to see and the Taliban will slowly behead the cartel gladly

    2. This makes me wanna be a vigilante and do the same thing to the cartels of what they did to my parent’s town and the people there. FUCKCARTEL

  2. Breaking News: Queen Elizabeth just croaked.

      1. Was speaking to my dad on the phone about her declining health yesterday, 2 hours later she actually dies lol

        1. Wait-what!? Are u serious about this? I mean, so your in high authority power? Or Like your dad is a politician!!? That’s cool. It’s making me curious. I’m eager to know about you.

          1. No you misunderstood. I didn’t imply we had a hand in her death. We were just having a casual conversation about her health, I made a few jokes about her old age and dying, and then shortly after it’s on the news that she passed. We’re not politicians, in fact we have unfavorable experiences with them.

    1. well to understand that she died naturally of old age, RIP

  3. Carne fresca esse último aí dava um belo churrasco mau passado ☺️☺️????

  4. The author is just a name looking for views with these staged clips

    1. Author

      Nonsense. This video is not staged. Just like 99% of the other videos on this site.

  5. I find this really disgusting, may someone beat these murderers down and get their revenge for executing random people

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  7. damn that was a clean cut, good shit guys. get rid of the filth!

  8. Anybody notice that Kanye west watches these websites

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