Drunk driver hit two kids


The 63-year-old driver of the KIA Seltos hit two children while fleeing a police chase. The children rode bicycles. Strike at the 10th second of the video. According to the preliminary version, the man was in a state of intoxication.

Police officers noticed that the KIA Seltos car turned sharply when it saw a parked patrol car. A police chase began which ended in tragedy.

As a result of the accident, one child died on the spot, and the second was taken to the hospital with a traumatic brain injury.

The most surprising thing in this story is that the 63-year-old pensioner fled from the police patrol car chasing him.

Soon the culprit of the accident was identified. When the police came to the pensioner’s house, it turned out that he had already washed the car from the blood and brains of children and, as if nothing had happened, drank tea.

The pensioner was detained, investigative actions are being carried out with him.

Oktyabrsky, Nizhny Novgorod region, Russia.

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