PMC ‘Wagner’ mercenaries execute a defector


A defector from the ‘Wagner’ group surrendered and decided to fight for Ukraine, but was kidnapped and executed. They smashed his head with a sledgehammer.

Yevgeny Nuzhin, a repeat offender, served 23 years in prison. When Yevgeny Prigozhin began to recruit prisoners in the Wagner PMC, Nuzhin agreed to sign the contract. As he says in the video, he signed a contract in order to surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and fight against Putin.

Yevgeny Nuzhin gave several interviews to Ukrainian journalists.

On November 11, another exchange of prisoners of war took place between Russia and Ukraine. Probably Nuzhin was exchanged by the Ukrainian side and he ended up on the territory controlled by the RF Armed Forces, where he was executed.

One of the leaders of the Wagner PMC, Yevgeny Prigozhin, commented on the death of a former prisoner:

I prefer to watch history in the theatre. As for (the man killed with a sledgehammer) *, in this show it is clear that he did not find happiness in Ukraine, but met with unkind, but fair people. It seems to me that this film is called “Dog – dog death.” Excellent directorial work, looks at one go. I hope no animals were harmed during filming.

*An untranslatable adjective from the word “sledgehammer” said in a destructive form.

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  1. fucking savage , what was his crime again?

  2. For being a HOHOL & Zelensky Dickrider

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    1. Author

      ‘Nigger-faggot’ Zelensky, in addition to his other shortcomings, is also a Jew who has two children and a beautiful wife -))

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    3. You are either retarded or Russian. Or both, since a lot of Russians have a very low IQ.

  4. Lol at these guys owning their own people like that. Wish whole Russia will share this fate one by one dirtiest shit scum next to pakis and arabs in western europe never knew anyone above iq of 90 and not being convicted for selling drugs to kids

      1. A ruski who discovered vpn or polack stupid enough to defend this shithole that tried to eradicate your kind off planet earth.
        Guess who is topping rankings as a producer of porn video, drug and alcohol users, domestic violence, school shootings outside US and many more?
        Maybe if you sticked your rat nose outside jailcell you live while having break from 16h shift in warehouse you would see how western countries actually look like but for now you better enjoy rest of your hours of break left for sleep instead of spending it commenting dumb shit on your cheap chinese iPhone copy

        1. You think only Russians are defending Russia?
          Love how you said “outside US”, because it’s not even up to debate that US tops those indicators of degeneracy.
          Go ahead, tell me, who tops school shootings outside of the US?

          19 Countries with the Most School Shootings (total incidents Jan 2009-May 2018 – CNN):
          United States — 288
          Mexico — 8
          South Africa — 6
          Nigeria & Pakistan — 4
          Afghanistan — 3
          Brazil, Canada, France — 2
          Azerbaijan, China, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Kenya, Russia, & Turkey — 1

          Who producers the most porn outside of the US (which makes up 60% of internet porn, specifically California)


          Drug use death rate:

          Domestic violence:

          Let me remind you, Russians are orthodox christian, while you are atheist LGBTQ kike-loving nigger-tolerating immoral cesspools of human degeneracy.
          A country with tribal war waging where different races are killing eachother, where highschoolers shoot up their fellow students every day, absolute clowns for presidents, but are quick to judge some nation 6000 kilometers away that you know fuckall about. I think you have bigger problems to deal with son. Elon Musk bought Twitter now and everyone is hating him, go jump on that bandwagon for a while now ya mindless drone

          1. Author

            This is the other side of the coin. The United States allows the possession and carrying of weapons, which puts the government of this country in a position where 20-30 armed men can turn the tide of history.
            In Russia, guns are less available and, as a result, school shootings are much less.
            But shooting in Russian schools still happens.
            Here, here and here.

          2. I know they happen, I’ve seen a few news headlines once, but that is nothing. Like stated above, school shootings are exclusively an US problem, the numbers are just staggering.

            You mentioned gun laws.

            Thing is, you have to be 18 years old to buy a gun. High schoolers mostly graduate at that age.
            Also, Yemen resembles USA in terms of gun laws.
            When was the last time you heard of a Yemen school shooting?
            I think it’s a culture thing, these people are slowly losing their minds. The diversity isn’t helping. Being mounted like a horse by the Kike/Jew media brainwashing machine also isn’t helping. Glamorizing crime and degenerate behaviour.

          3. Be careful because I might shock You, but these graphs shows a record of countries where they keep a record of an actual usage of alcohol, drugs and pornography consumption and production, unlike your chosen people who use “possesion of drugs” as a reason to blackmail people into paying a bribe or landing for 9 years of their live in a coal mine. At this point ask yourself how possible it is to track a record of these things with governal corruption on top and not so many people bold to look for help in special clinics, numbers will be either gargauntic or won’t exist at all and that’s why you don’t hear about shootings in Yemen unlike in USA, but finding videos of self organized raiders fucking up markets comes from these regions like manufactured.
            Telling me about being quick about judging country 6000 away from me while dickriding an actual warmonging tribe you never had chance to visit that also wants to treat all other people aside their mother Russia like these gay freaks did to a murderer in video above is funny enough. I’m pretty sure they would not hesistate if there was a chance to take you out of nuclear blast zone, not at all as long as you are traditionalist right? Last thing why would I complain about a guy who probably pays a visit to uncle Epstein on his island to party hard as a break from sweating from his slaves overworking themselves in tesla factory and office as he sits there taking kudos for his workers inventions? As long as he speaks your tone he is one of you or did you fell for old “kike” trick?

          4. “but finding videos of self organized raiders fucking up markets comes from these regions like manufactured.”

            You’re talking Yemen? That country is at civil war. Even if they weren’t, you still shouldn’t be comparing a 1st world superpower to a middle eastern shithole and patting yourself on the shoulder for being slightly better at certain things, even if at all.

            ” At this point ask yourself how possible it is to track a record of these things with governal corruption on top and not so many people bold to look for help in special clinics, numbers will be either gargauntic or won’t exist at all ”

            So you’re saying we don’t know the numbers. But you’re also saying that they’re very high, 2nd in the world after the US. Talking Russia here.

            “I’m pretty sure they would not hesistate if there was a chance to take you out of nuclear blast zone, not at all as long as you are traditionalist right?”

            You’re calling me a dickrider because I have a degree of respect for a people not wanting to let itself be enslaved by a bunch of radical ideologues, leftist kike-loving body-mutilating tranny freaks at that.

            Elon Musk bought Twitter, and now the demonizations and smear campaigns are in full effect am I right? Next allegation will probably be that he is a holocaust denier, or a Nazi, or something along those lines.
            He’s the richest man alive. If this is not impressive to you, you’re just a politically blinded hater.

            What old “kike” trick? And the fact that you put kike in quotation marks is concerning. You do know they’re the ones responsible for all the arab scum pouring over to Europe and all the Middle Eastern bullshit going on. Now, stick your head in a hole like an ostrich and call me a conspiracy theorist, while Western Europe gets more DIEversified by the minute

          5. Author

            >I have a degree of respect for a people not wanting to let itself be enslaved by a bunch of radical ideologues
            Lol. Russia has its own ideology based on conspiracy theories. “Enemies are all around! The West is our enemy! The United States and Britain are to blame for all the troubles of Russia.”
            Do you get intonation? All dictators talk about an external enemy without exception.
            The Russian people, for the most part, don’t give a fuck. Most of these are dull, brainless sheep poisoned by the poison of propaganda.
            Yes, many of us do not like Putin, but even more “we” hate Western values ​​and the West in general.
            Some even say “We don’t want democracy.” They need a whip, they are stupid slaves.
            I don’t see why the Russian people can be respected.

          6. “I don’t see why the Russian people can be respected.”

            You know how? When a man is shown a transgender, and is disgusted, he has my respect. When a man is shown a transgender, and gets the NATO arsenal pointed at him along with economic sanctions, and still expresses his disgust, + calls the West a bunch of satanists, he warrants even more respect now.
            Faggots get beaten by the police. So the laws against corruption of public morals are clearly being enforced.
            Even if hell breaks loose, it’s a matter of principle.
            You don’t see any other country waging war on mainland Europe willy-nilly with NATO at their doorstep. Most countries are caving to the satanist values of the new world order.
            Take Ukraine out of it, the West wasn’t a fan of Russia even before the war, or any of the Eastern European countries for that matter. Most of them get shit for anti-protesting LGBTQ parades, or blocking them from taking place. Why the fuck does Satan get a say in how someone runs their country? If there is any religion in Europe, it’s in the East.

          7. Author

            OK, but do you get disgusted when you see a person with Down syndrome? Or, for example, blind from birth?
            Transsexuality, like homosexuality, is a genetic anomaly. These are sick people. Why is it necessary to hate the sick?
            That is, sticking a mop handle up the ass of another man is quite normal and corresponds to spiritual values?
            The West has never been an enemy of Russia. A competitor, yes, but not an enemy.
            The United States saved my country three times, the first time during the famine in the 20s of the last century, the second time when my country fought Nazi Germany and the third time when the USSR collapsed, and with it the entire economy of the country.
            And now the West has become bad, there are only Satanists and queers, and here in Russia we are a stronghold of spirituality.
            Lies and hypocrisy!
            Until 2014, Russia was a member of NATO as an observer, and this did not bother anyone. Let me remind you “partnership for peace”.
            At the end of 2013, I told my friends that Putin would unleash a war. Putin’s approval rating was extremely low at the time.
            But Russia annexed Crimea and created a hotbed of tension that eventually led to war.
            Everything that is happening in Ukraine right now is the result of Putin’s desire to stay in power. The rest of the talk about the alleged “West mired in Satanism” and “spiritual Russia” is nothing more than a propaganda veil to make stupid sheep put on camouflage uniforms and die in Ukraine just so that Putin remains in power.
            Our clergy is mired in depravity, our officials in corruption.
            At this time, most of the population is afraid to go out into the streets to protest against the war.
            Ukrainians openly laugh at us and to some extent they are right. Our opposition has been crushed, and the forces of resistance to the regime are weak and fragmented.
            When the war ends, the same thing will happen to us as to the Germans after the war in 1945. Devastation, the collapse of ideals, depression.
            And this is just the beginning.

          8. Nah Elon is the same way as Bill Gates or any billionaire that shows jewish roots buy instead he tries yo talk to the other side of politics.
            As author above, who I remind you originally isb from Russia tells you excatly the thing they are, all surreal Orwell horrors you project into the future of west but today, governments above civil needs and tellinf peoplevwhat they can agree with and what not but polar opposite of politics with little somain of communistic history to being alt left tankies on his aide too.
            Im pretty sure you can move there whenever you want instwad of sitting in this disgusting western countries,as flights by Belgrade are still operated, but that would require you to abandon all the cpmfort rotten ideologies raised you on

          9. @Sonderfurher
            Down syndrome people, from what I’ve seen, aren’t a disgusting bunch of lowlifes infiltrating politics and trying to normalize this “ask your kid what gender it is” bullshit, putting hormones in their kid’s cereals. They are sick, but they’re not stupid. Sick people can still be malicious.
            Also, this disproves nothing. The leftwingers are still letting transgenders in military roles and trying to normalize this inhumanity. If they are sick, why do they have such a big voice and standing in the mainstream political scene? Why don’t we have Downsyndrome parades and shit if it’s just a mental illness? Why is it being celebrated?

            If the US is such a friend to Russia, how do you explain the Cold War? Cuban Missile Crisis? Mankind almost got wiped out by nuclear war because of the tension between the US (and Western Europe) and the Soviets. The nuclear stockpiles were the biggest they have ever been, at that specific time. You really think Americans share your sentiment of “friends” ? You think Western Europe does? Even before the war? Let alone now.

            “When the war ends, the same thing will happen to us as to the Germans after the war in 1945. Devastation, the collapse of ideals, depression.”

            Yes, those are usually the consequences of being militarily destroyed. However, “might doesn’t make right.”. Just like WW2, the whole world had to unite and rally like a bunch of sheep to stop Nazi Germany. Same with Russia. This is how it works today. You get bullied into submission. And Putin unfortunately gave them an excuse, by being a dickhead, you’re right. There is truth to what you are saying too, don’t get me wrong. The politicians mostly don’t care. Some however do hold some of the beliefs we are debating. Remember that russian general that you said would 100% use nukes?
            Regardless, I think if we ask the middle-class Russians, random people on the streets, what they think of transgenders for instance, they wouldn’t approve too much. Maybe the younger generations will because of growing up with brainwashing from the beggining, but the older ones would probably be disgusted.
            And most don’t care too much about any politics, that is correct too. People are just living their life, but that is just being apathetic and ignorant. Politics is a necessary evil.

            @iamvomit Move to Russia because the degeneracy at home disgusts me? You know, it was even better before, when white countries were sparcely populated by niggers and arabs? It was colonialism and racism and fascism that has made the US and Western Europe what they are today. These places didn’t appear yesterday, and no thanks to neo-marxists and liberals and “rapefugee welcome” holding retards. So technically, everyone else can get the fuck out of white countries, seeing that they are complaining about “white colonialists” and “fascists” etc. The rotten ideologies that have gotten us to the top. But after someone you love gets assaulted by some shitskin subhuman, perhaps you’ll change your tone about the whole issue, it’s usually how leftists learn.

            Here’s the future:

          10. Author

            True, but people with Down syndrome have a special olympiad. But you do not care that some morons flaunt their mental retardation?

            If you think that gays and transgender people should not be in the political and military arena, fight with legitimate democratic methods. You in your country, unlike Russia, can afford it.

            For the last 300 years, Russia has been the “evil empire”. In the 18th and 19th centuries, Russia played the role of a gendarme of Europe; in the 20th, the communists pursued an aggressive policy. Now everything has happened again.
            Let me remind you that it was Nikita Khrushchev who created a hotbed of tension in Cuba by placing Russian missiles there.

            I didn’t say that the US is Russia’s friend, I said that the US and Russia were competitors until recently.
            It is clear that the United States is pursuing its own interests and it is in their interests for Russia to remain on the world map, because it is a problem to negotiate with a bunch of regional kings in whose arsenal there are nuclear weapons.
            Exactly the same in the 90s. Then the US could have easily conquered Russia, but they did not. On the contrary, they helped us restore the country’s economy, again pursuing their own interests.

            It’s all about propaganda. Now propaganda in Russia says that gays and transgenders are something shameful, but even 10-15 years ago gay clubs in Moscow existed openly, gays performed on TV and shows and this did not bother anyone.
            As soon as we remove propaganda from TV, gays and transgender people in Russia will be treated with tolerance.

          11. Answering shortly. Yes you should move to a country you admire this much, unless you are aware that there is a trick where you gave up way more than receive.
            Besides that I don’t think putting random picture from the fbi honeypot that is full of schizos flexing their 0$ water bill a good way to convince anyone how the future will look like.
            The only thing I agree with you is that bringing muslims and letting people from different congolese afro ethnostates from the the middle of Africa was shit decision for which western countries pays with rise of far right political parties, that slowly starts taking over and for sure within 5 years we will see them winning aside Italy, but leaning toward shithole that locks up people for liking facebook posts government does not approve is not a good way to go.
            Countries allied to Russia like Belarus or Kazakhstan were abandoning their native language for russian, if you go to any of them like me you have bigger chance exchange a convo in Russian while they will get confused when you ask them something you learnt in their “native” language while they also can’t name their own historical figures.
            Are these countries an example of strong traditionalist patriotic countries that doesn’t kneel to enforced imperialistic forces, while holding their own value and living as an independent state proud of their roots?

          12. Author

            Neither Belarus nor Kazakhstan abandoned the national language. Historically, Russian is well known in these countries.
            I’ll say more. Kazakhstan is a very conditional ally of Russia, nationalist sentiments are strong there, and Russia has territorial claims to Kazakhstan.
            Just a clarification.

          13. @Sonderfuhrer

            Well, I am simply saying that the Western world is increasingly supporting LGBTQ, and that is a great indicator and insight into someone’s belief system. The West is the most influential cultural entity in the world. Through policy and censorship, the corruption of public morals, the normalization of various types of degeneracy such as pornography etc, the bashing of traditional values and conservatism, the moral fabric of a society is slowly being undone. Look at today, versus 100 years ago, at the general moral decay of our continent and overseas. These are all easily observable facts.
            Stay tuned, coming to a neighborhood near you.

            ” but even 10-15 years ago gay clubs in Moscow existed openly, gays performed on TV and shows and this did not bother anyone.”
            Really? Surely someone had to take offense. Thing is, it takes a bunch of hooligans to publicly express an opinion. Most people don’t have time to deal with that shit. What are they going to do? Burn the club? Again, sit down with your neighbor for a drink, and then ask him what he thinks. Do this with enough people; and this is the public opinion of “Russia”. The people, not Putin and his cronies.

            “As soon as we remove propaganda from TV, gays and transgender people in Russia will be treated with tolerance.”
            If this is true, then Russians have gone soft. The young generations are growing up on Youtube and leftwing american social media, and it plays a huge role.

            C’mon, you know I’m not going to move anywhere, and that is not a valid arguement for anything. Even if it was my dream place, you realize it’s not practical.
            If I agree with a country on something, or sympathize with a cause, doesn’t mean I have to go lick their boots. Their police beating queers is a plus, the West letting them parade like devils is a minus, and that’s all there is to it.
            FBI honeypot you say? Even if it were true, doesn’t disprove the fact that this is what is being pushed now. This is the “desirable status quo”, and the current one is a “colonial white supremacist patriarchy”. You think those are just art pictures? They are propaganda pieces.
            Also, why is a rise in rightwing politics a bad thing? You complain about the africans but are disconcerned by the natural reaction/solution to their immigration.
            5 years for liking a facebook post eh? How about holocaust “denial” now? Or more accurately: holocaust questoning.

            Also, let me just say, if you look at some of my posts on this website, you will see negative comments about both Russian civilians and soldiers. What they are doing in Ukraine is despicable, but all I’m saying is, I respect an underdog. I respected Vietnam and what they fought against, even though I hate communists. Yes, Ukraine too, but they are going to win and have the support of the whole world, while Russia has fuckall at this point and it’s only going to get worse for them.

            Now, to the attachment. Let me just say, in the US, you have to be 18 to get a tattoo or to buy a gun, and 21 to buy alcohol. But your parents can physically destroy you at any age they choose: MTF stands for “Male to Female”, that’s trans-jargon.

          14. Author

            Why are you so embarrassed by pornography? It was from the time when people made the first drawings.
            And yes, look at Pornhub there Russian whores through one.
            100 years ago, pissing in the pocket of a school friend was considered a common prank, and public executions were used everywhere.
            But the world does not stand still, as well as morality. It is immoral to urinate in a friend’s pocket, it is immoral to arrange public executions. But being gay or transgender is no longer immoral. This is the normal progress of civilization and cannot be reversed.
            The Russian people don’t give a damn about gays and transgender people. It’s state propaganda that makes gays outcasts. The Russian Orthodox Church is teeming with fagots, homosexual relations are becoming a problem in the army, but following the Russian tradition of “not taking dirty linen out of the hut” they are silent about this.
            The number of gays does not depend on the country or nationality, this anomaly is the same in all countries.

            At some point, more precisely, it was about 2011-2012, Putin and the presidential apparatus realized that they needed an ideology. In the USSR, there was a communist ideology that covered bribery and corruption, but Putin did not have it.
            And then all these ideas appeared – the immoral West, mired in debauchery and pure bright spiritual Russia.
            The author of the ideology was Alexander Dugin, who was recently assassinated and some other Russophiles.
            All this was done for only one purpose – to cover up, washed away their own crimes of power, theft and corruption.

          15. Well, I don’t know what to tell you anymore.
            I know that from a biological standpoint men should be sexually attracted to women, vice versa, and anything else is an anomaly that shouldn’t be celebrated, normalized or forced upon anyone. If it is, then society is going rotten.
            Porn is obviously bad too. Would you want your family members doing porn? That’s the only question you have to ask yourself. Aside from the drug abuse, emotional numbing and spiritual destruction of a person that participates in it. Watching it is another topic entirely, and is also very harmful. You’re basically pleasuring yourself to watching other people have sex. That is just pathetic.

            I don’t know about Russians anymore. You are probably correct, but one would be hard-pressed to assume that an orthodox christian country would have a more traditional stance on social issues.

          16. Author

            Let me express my attitude towards gays.
            Gays exist and this is a genetic deviation.
            It is pointless to humiliate or carry out repressions against gays, it is tantamount to mockery of sick people.
            At the same time, there is no need to promote this topic. The general meaning is “you do not interfere with us, heterosexuals, we do not touch you, homosexuals.”
            Do you remember what I said about the division of nations? Here is the same thing. Maybe it should be gay reservations, maybe some special places.
            I think that humanity will eventually come to this idea.
            I often ask a question when I watch how in a porn video 5 blacks fuck a white whore in all holes – I wonder what your parents will say looking at this?
            So far I haven’t found an answer to this question.

          17. I say give them nothing and let them adapt however they can. And for the love of God, don’t let them adopt children, they only end up greatly distressed and disturbed.
            No LGBTQ in the military, no seperate bathrooms, no pronouns, as if they didn’t exist. No hormone blockers, and fucking slow-hang any doctor who gives hormone blockers to children.
            I know what you said, but reservations are too much for a disfunctional lot of genetic mishaps. Even the indians had to fight bloody battles for reservations.
            Here’s a suggestion for you, on the side: browse more Twitter. I think you need some firsthand experience with these people, just to understand and appreciate their nature a bit more. I think you’re making conclusions from an impersonal bird’s eye view, from which you can’t smell the shit so to speak.
            The LGBTQ despite making up 3% of US population comprise a disproportionate amount of syphilis cases, STD/ HIV carriers and child sex abuse cases.

            The parents of pornstars are ironically usually supportive, or they cut them off. But in the West they’re usually to pathetic to do anything really. In the Arab world they would get lynched, even the parents if they didn’t do anything about their kid’s career choice.

            And as usual, here’s another sneek peak into the confusion filled distopian fantasy world of the LGBTQ mentally derranged mongrel. Again, think of the children and what they will have to live with.

          18. Author

            Partly I agree with you. Gays shouldn’t raise children. As for the army, the question, IMHO, is ambiguous.
            Here’s a curious fact for you: as you know, the PMC “Wagner” recruits prisoners. Including prisoners from the lower prison caste – “lowered”, “roosters” i.e. passive homosexuals.
            At first it was a separate platoon, about 30 people. Now we are talking about creating a “rooster division.”

            I talked to gay people on Twitter, but they turned out to be too gentle for my martinet jokes. I ended up having to delete some of my tweets.
            They were especially offended by the harmless word “homosiao”. You can take it on board -))

          19. Well, unit cohesion is very important for morale and efficiency. Nobody really likes gays, let’s be real. They will probably send them ahead to “scout”. Also, thing is, those are just soldiers hidden from the public eye. In the US, transgender officers are photographed in ceremonial uniform and those pics are shared on the internet, unintentionally embarassing themselves. People say: “so this is how low the US military has fallen..”.
            Reason why I mentioned Twitter is because that place is the unfiltered cesspool of the modern world. If degeneracy is what you seek, that place is where you shall find it. Humans can really be lower than animals at times, much lower. And where is Twitter headquartered? In California, USA of course, surprise surprise… Definitely not in Iran or Israel.

            Ah, good ole doc Feldstein! Making everyone wish the Holocaust did in fact finish his kike people off 80 years ago.

          20. He does align with your stance. Interesting website too.
            Thing is, in Europe, and everywhere, there is opposition to LGBTQ, and usually it’s the majority. And when you see the West exporting their liberal policies with pressure, it’s not hard to argue that any resisting nation is a “stronghold” against the “anti-Christ of the West”. The propaganda writes itself.
            Also, funnily enough, most of the things I’ve said align with Russian propaganda. Do you think you could get me a job at the Ministry of propaganda? lol

          21. Author

            The position of the West is clear. “If you persecute gays, then you are against democracy.”
            Your beliefs are close to conservative. That guy in the video at the link I posted says that anti-gay ideas were imported by Russian propaganda from the West.
            The program of the ruling party “United Russia” partially coincides with the program of the US Republican Party.
            So there is nothing surprising, you hear the same ideas of conservatives only in Russian voice acting.

          22. That catchphrase is ironic because democracy is mob rule, and the mob doesn’t favor gays. The majority doesn’t want transgenders cross-competing with women/men in sports. So what kind of democracy is this? The minority is being lifted above everything.
            There is ever-increasing support for LGBTQ, Israel, samesex marriage, transgender military roles, drug legalization, immigration among the Republican party in the US. They are bending under pressure, and the younger generations are: independent, democratic and republican in that order.
            The US is a liberal hotbed thanks to leftwing strategic mass media control. And those websites are globally used, so consequently everyone is getting poisoned and broken down slowly but surely.
            I don’t know whether they copied Western anti-gay ideas, because I think it’s more likely that the West exported pro-LGBTQ ideas more than anything. Because, what serious political entity do you know that is anti-LGBTQ in the West? The West is hugely leftwing ever since WW2 and that post-Nazi Germany guilt-trip brainwashing.
            “We must make sure we never repeat this again”, “we must learn history so that we dont allow it to repeat.”.. Whatever, it still makes no biological sense for two men to fuck. And immigrants commit most of the crime.
            And also, the conservatives are tame in their positions, whereas I’m a fascist.

      2. So there is only one kind of crime? Pornography is your litmus test? What about the raping of young girls? You want a map of that? Or what about Dictatorship where people have no control of their own lives. What about turning children into assassins, and?or getting them hooked on drugs to better control them, or what about making them do dangerous jobs withoutb the aid of any protection. Everyone wants to point out the evils of the west, and admittedly there are some, but you should fix your own issues before you cast stones. I have no ill will towards the people of Russia, and if you are Russian then you should have no ill will towards Americans or the west. We all have problems, and until we stop letting dictators, lawyers, and military members run our countries, we will likely always have those problems. We should all try to talhk before we hit people in the head with sledgehammers…

  5. Sounderfuhrer is a dumb fucking Psuedo-Intellectual who craves for faggot and tranny cocks in his ass. He is also pro-pedophilia too!

    1. Author

      You make a mistake in spelling my nickname, it’s strange to talk about it to a native English speaker.
      As for the rest of the accusations of pedophilia and homosexuality, I will answer what I thought about the topic of homosexual contact, but I get disgusted when I imagine that a man caresses me. So no, I can’t be gay.
      I can’t become a pedophile either, my penis is too big and it won’t fit into a child’s ass.
      You can continue trolling, but let me remind you of a stable expression: the toad fucked the viper.

      1. I think that you missed the point of misspelling your name, and it is often the native speakers that understand the subtle nuances of their own language which sometimes leads to intinchunul misspellings…
        Also, I don’t know what you mean by “stable expression”, maybe you meant subtle? IDK….
        At any rate, The toad fucked the viper, and the scorpion fucked the toad, and the fungi fucked them, all, so what? Nothing you have said to this point makes any difference. All that matters is the end result and what you put into it. You don’t need to tell anyone about that, you just do it or you don’t.

  6. It seems like they intended to pop his head against that brick and the guy with the sledgehammer fucked up and hit him too low.

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