‘Skopin maniac’ Viktor Mokhov charged with new crime

Skopinsky maniac Mokhov

Viktor Mokhov, ‘Skopin maniac’ accused of covering up the murder and helping the killer.

During a feast on the day of the Airborne Forces, which is celebrated in Russia on August 2, a feast accompanied by drinking alcohol took place in the house of Viktor Mokhov.

Mokhov accused one of the five drinking companions of stealing a goose. A verbal skirmish ensued, which escalated into a fight during which one of Mokhov’s friends stabbed another in the neck, from which he died on the spot.

According to investigators, Mokhov helped the killer hide the victim’s corpse in the yard of an abandoned house nearby, where it was discovered by local residents a few days later.

Soon the killer was caught and confessed to his deed.

In relation to Viktor Mokhov, the issue of initiating a criminal case for harboring a particularly serious crime is being decided.

In 2000, Viktor Mokhov kidnapped two girls aged 17 and 14 and kept them imprisoned in an underground bunker for three years. Mokhov systematically raped his victims, for 3 years one of the girls gave birth to two children.

For his crime ‘Skopin maniac’ Viktor Mokhov received 17 years in prison. He was released in March 2021.

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  1. 17 years in prison for keeping 2 teens in a bunker and raping them for 4 years.

    Whoever the judge was on that day should be put in a bunker and raped themself.
    Meanwhile there have been cases where people got 17 years for protesting in the street.
    This tells you that modern law is a circus with clowns that don’t even smile when they deliver the punchlines.

    This reminds me of the infamous Josef Fritzl case, where the Austrian lured his 18 year old daughter into a bunker, and locked her in, and then repeatedly raped her over the course of 24 years, having 7 kids with her.
    This remains as the number one worst crime I know of.

    However, he got life in prison. Suprisingly they didn’t give him 10 years or some other clown world punishment.

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